Harry Potter Pun Lettering Challenge – Day 12

Have you ever wished a certain character in your favorite series never died? I mean, there may be a lot of character deaths in a film but, how could someone kill off a loving man who just wanted to protect his orphan godson that longed for a father figure since his birth? Obviously, I’m talking about Sirius Black. Throughout the whole series, his death brought the most sadness and grief to Harry Potter. I still cry a little whenever I watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. But hey, why so Sirius?


Day 12: Why so Sirius?


Harry Potter Pun Lettering Challenge – Day 11

Honestly, I am a multifandom – be it kpop groups, movie series, celebrities, etc. I easily appreciate things and become engulfed with the different aspects of a thing. And so last October, I have watched the American series, Stranger Things. People kept telling me to watch it as soon as it was released because it has a good plot and amazing actors. Undeniably, it was unique and beautifully made. I can’t wait for Season 2! Oh btw, for this post, I used the Stranger Things’ logo font. And if there are some strange things happening around you, it might be aliens or wizards!


Day 11: Granger Things

Harry Potter Pun Lettering Challenge – Day 10

Peace everyone! I have things going on right now that’s why I keep forgetting to post my daily update regarding this lettering challenge. Today’s pun makes me really wish magic is real and I am a witch. Although even without their magic, witches can still do good; I just want to make things easier and less hassle by the flick of a wand. I am working on something important at this moment and I don’t want to blow it up. I hope I can do well and get this stuff done. Wish me luck!


Day 10: Witches get stuff done.

Harry Potter Pun Lettering Challenge – Day 9

Finally, we’re completing all the houses from Hogwarts with – the Hufflepuff! It is home to the ever so dedicated, loyal, and hardworking witches and wizards who are also notable for being kind and patient. This is actually the house I was sorted into and I can’t express how happy I am. I know some people who misunderstood Hufflepuff and think it only as miscellaneous. But hey, we’re rather lovable and friendly. ♥ Exceptionally skilled wizards from this house are: Newt Scamander, Cedric Diggory, and Nymphadora Tonks. I must say, we’re irresistibly charming and hufflepuffilicious!


Day 9: You’re Hufflepuffilicious!

Harry Potter Pun Lettering Challenge – Day 8

The moment I read the pun, I quickly searched for the word “mimosa”. It is actually a cocktail drink and it suits the day today – Friday! Ron might have had difficulties casting the spell at first, but he did great when the troll attacked Hermione. That was the first time he saved his future wife. ♥ And, I can’t believe we’re at day 8 now, this calls for a celebration. Cheers to me for practicing the craft and to Ron for learning the spell!


Day 8: It’s MimOsa, not MimosA