“Die Beautiful”: A Life Filled with Substance, Vibrance, and Resilience

diebeautifulThe 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) has raised its standards and enabled independent films to be widely released in the Philippine cinemas from December 25, 2016 – January 3, 2017. Included as a full-length film, Jun Robles Lana’s “Die Beautiful” engages its audiences in a comedy-drama biography of a transgender woman.

Trisha Echevarria is a transgender woman whose life-long dream is to be crowned in a beauty pageant. When she finally won the title, Trisha unexpectedly dies. Her final request was to be made up as different celebrities on each day of her funeral. As the week goes by, her family and friends reminisce the life Trisha has led.

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Film Remarks: “The Suicide Shop”

Watching a good French film during this rainy weather would suck up your frustrations over delayed plans and missed appointments – except that the movie is about a family who sells anything necessary to commit suicide.


The Suicide Shop (2012) is a concoction of everything you would ask for in a film. This novel-adapted dark comedic French animated musical tells the story of the Tuvache family running a lucrative suicide shop until things take turn when a happy, cheerful son was born in the kin.

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