Surround yourself with great people

Three weeks ago, forty people committed themselves to something big and scary – an understatement – that will change their lives (and the country, too!) They became friends, colleagues, and siblings who will continue to learn from each other and work hand in hand to achieve one goal. Each has their own “why”; but ultimately creates one voice.

They are all unique and special. There’s a gun owner, a board topnotcher, a SpEd teacher, a statistician, a social worker, etc. Some hold a degree in Filipino, Biology, Political Science, Mathematics, Speech Communication, Psychology, Asian Studies, and even Philippine Arts. Never in my wildest dreams that I would be in the same room with these people who have been and will continue to be great in their own ways.

Being with them is my life’s greatest present at the moment. I am learning a lot from their stories, experiences, and lessons. The things they share make me see the world in a different perspective. And it’s only been three weeks; how much more in the coming months that we’ll be together? I am very excited for what’s ahead of us!!!

All smiles,

Donna, the daydreamer


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