Thought-Provoking Korean Movies To Watch If You’re Tired Of Rom-Coms

South Korea is best known for their romantic-comedy themed movies like My Sassy Girl, 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant, and My Little Bride. However, they can also produce great movies centered on the melodramatic lives of people which stimulate the mind and hit right in the feels. Below are some of the good films I watched that left me awestruck:

As One (2012)

As One tells the true story of the first ever post-war reunification of North and South Korea by creating a sports team that later won the women’s gold medal in the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba, Japan.


It recounts the rivalry between the two sports teams which was put aside to represent Korea and bring the country back together for a moment. Featuring Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na, As One is a must-watch movie for the sports fan in you.

Similar sports movies: Forever the Moment, Run-Off, Ping Pong (Japanese)

The Flu (2013)

An epidemic in a city of South Korea forces the government to shut down and quarantine the area. A doctor, her daughter, and a member of the emergency response team are desperate to obtain cure when one of them has shown symptoms of being infected by the virus.


Many people told me this is a prequel of Train to Busan. It is very vague to say this but, these movies are different and can only be a tiny tiny bit related. But if you’re into disaster films, this is a great film you shouldn’t miss!

Similar disaster/tragedy movies: Train to Busan, The Terror Live, The Tunnel

Missing (2016)

Coming home from a long day with her job and the child custody battle tying up, a woman finds out her daughter disappeared with the Chinese nanny. While hopelessly searching for them, she discovers the unsettling story of the babysitter called Han-Mae.


Gong Hyo Jin definitely nailed her character in this movie! She can be considered the rom-com drama queen of South Korea but she also proved she can do well portraying the role of the mysterious Han-Mae. Be prepared to feel anxious as this film tackles social issues worth telling.

Similar movies about Social Issues: The Guard Post, The Attorney, Cart

To be honest, Korea has more to offer when it comes to the film and entertainment industry, and these movies are the proof of it. I actually prefer these film genres than the usual rom-coms (I find them way too cheesy+corny, except those k-dramas ahhh). Glad I bump into these gems! ❤

All smiles,



One thought on “Thought-Provoking Korean Movies To Watch If You’re Tired Of Rom-Coms

  1. Kate says:

    I prefer these film genres too! Recently, I’ve been into thriller/mystery/crime films and dramas. I already watched Missing and The Flu. Try Kim Woo Bin’s movies (The Con Artists, Master); they are A LOT better than his dramas. I think you’ll also enjoy A Violent Prosecutor but it’s too good to be true. 😀


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