18 Heartwarming Book Dedications To Brighten Up Your Day


From the movie “Definitely, Maybe”, there was a scene where Will asked April why she has so many copies of Jane Eyre. She told him that her deceased father gave her a copy of the book with an inscription she never read. It was later lost, and she has been searching for it inside secondhand bookstores. Since then, every Jane Eyre book with a beautiful inscription is bought as part of her collection.

That’s where I got the inspiration to compile from my e-bookshelf these lovely book dedications where authors express their love and gratitude to their parents, lovers, certain people, or readers – in which, somehow tell little stories and connections. It brought me delight while making these, and I hope they also bring you happiness and positivity as you read them. 🙂

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Thought-Provoking Korean Movies To Watch If You’re Tired Of Rom-Coms

South Korea is best known for their romantic-comedy themed movies like My Sassy Girl, 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant, and My Little Bride. However, they can also produce great movies centered on the melodramatic lives of people which stimulate the mind and hit right in the feels. Below are some of the good films I watched that left me awestruck:

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Book Review: “Twenties Girl” by Sophie Kinsella


My New Year’s resolution is to read twenty (20) novels this year. I never appreciated reading books before, but thanks to Sophie Kinsella, I was able to find it enjoyable and fun. She wrote the first book I finished in 2016 (I’ve Got Your Number) which started my own reading revolution. And I trusted Kinsella once more to jumpstart my 2017 that’s gonna be full of stories, inspiration, and book reviews *crossed fingers*.

Sophie Kinsella is an English author famous for her Shopaholic series. I actually didn’t know she has stand-alone books until last year. One of them is “Twenties Girl”, a chick-lit comedy novel published in 2009.

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“Die Beautiful”: A Life Filled with Substance, Vibrance, and Resilience

diebeautifulThe 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) has raised its standards and enabled independent films to be widely released in the Philippine cinemas from December 25, 2016 – January 3, 2017. Included as a full-length film, Jun Robles Lana’s “Die Beautiful” engages its audiences in a comedy-drama biography of a transgender woman.

Trisha Echevarria is a transgender woman whose life-long dream is to be crowned in a beauty pageant. When she finally won the title, Trisha unexpectedly dies. Her final request was to be made up as different celebrities on each day of her funeral. As the week goes by, her family and friends reminisce the life Trisha has led.

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