Book Review: “One Hundred Names” by Cecelia Ahern


Cecelia Ahern is a well-known best-selling Irish novelist notable for her distinct romance, fantasy, sentimental, and chick-lit books widely sold internationally. Her works include Love, Rosie and PS I Love You which were adapted as motion pictures. In 2012, releasing a book called “One Hundred Names,” she has once again continued to make readers laugh, fascinate, and wonder with her impressive writing.

One Hundred Names Plot Summary

Kitty Logan is a reporter and magazine journalist whose life is going downhill when she made a false accusation on live television. It didn’t help that her editor-in-chief and friend, Constance Dubois, is dying. Wanting to regain her reputation and fulfilling her mentor’s last wish, Logan takes on Constance’s story she never had time to write in her lifetime. She then sets forth a long way to make the best tribute for the magazine’s editor-in-chief who only gave her a vague lead – a list full of names and nothing more.

With such a short time and great pressure, she tries to find a link between the hundred people on the list and ultimately, reconnects with her dedicated, passionate old self.

Personal Review

One Hundred Names is a novel full of stories beautifully sewn together to create a wonderful book.

The protagonist, Kitty Logan, is too ordinary (in a good way) to focus your attention to her. She’s just like the bridge to know the charming people in this story. I actually tended to be more inclined with the other characters than her, hence the feeling of lack of depth in telling their stories. But thinking about it now, it is understandable that they only have short introductions and narratives. After all, Kitty is the main character and she also has issues of her own.

While reading the book, you might be able to figure out the whole picture even before finishing the story. However, it was pleasantly ended and neatly concluded with a feeling of wanting more. You may be left hanging but still satisfied.

The morale of the story goes from the very start of Kitty’s journey. She has realized why she started to be a journalist. This simple detail made the story a lot more inspiring. Although it isn’t too big of a deal, the revelation made a lot of sense.

Overall, the plot is interesting to keep you turning the page. It is a heartwarming and uplifting novel ideal to read on a holiday, during rainy days, or when you have too much time in your hands. So, if you want to indulge in emotions through different stories, read ‘One Hundred Names’ by Cecelia Ahern. 🙂

All smiles,

Donna, the daydreamer


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