Casting My Patronus

It wasn’t long since Pottermore has released its new feature of discovering your own patronus. The quiz consists of five sets of 2-3 choices. The sets and results may vary per individual; and that only one from the 140+ animals and mythical creatures is the best fit your personality. After carefully answering the Pottermore quiz, it reveals that my spirit guardian is a…


Omg, it looks like a little hippo!!!

Honestly, Pottermore has never let me down. From the sorting hat (Hufflepuff) to this, it really knows me so well. Good thing it exists for the millenial and tech-savvy wizards and witches.

Aside from that, I found a quiz created by a reddit user using all the 38 sets of choices in Pottermore. Note that this result may be different from the official one but it is still worth a try. I got:


Okay so my Pottermore patronus and Ron’s are both terriers. My Reddit patronus and Ginny’s are both horses. I’m feeling like a Hufflepuff Weasley here! Another thing, since I have successfully casted the patronus charm, does this mean I possess superior magical ability without going to Hogwarts? πŸ˜‚ Coooolbeans.

Anyway, have fun during the weekend and enjoy watching these gifs:

gyroscope westie

puppies laptop westie


All smiles,


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