Toto Madayag’s “P*cha, E ‘Di Komiks”


This is the comic book your parents warned you about (Madayag, 2016).

Its medyo offensive content unclouded this claim by planting truth bombs and throwing shades all over the book in which every Filipino would relate. Gone are the days that comics were only for entertainment purposes. It now serves as a reality check to the people about their country’s issues, concerns, and current events – at least, that’s what I have realized after reading the book.


I can’t help but laugh while reading the comic strips as it didn’t sugarcoat what the Philippines is in right now. From the first chapter “First-world Problems, Third-world Country” to the last one “Po[o]p Culture,” everything was made out of irony, sarcasm, and wits. I want to call it a ‘satire’ for bringing humor while exposing and criticizing stupidity, without exaggeration, on important matters.


There were also some parts of the book that you will feel guilty about and there’s nothing wrong with that. Truth hurts, and you might want to read it along Toto’s artworks. His comical and hilarious thinking really suits his creativity skills. The drawings look simple but they are well-made which goes positively by the comic’s title – “P*cha, E ‘Di Komiks.” It even showcases illustrations from other up and coming Filipino artists that share the same wits as Toto’s.


So to everyone, whether you are a comics lover, art appreciator, or just a concerned citizen with lots of say with regards to national issues up to trivial stuff, this book is for you. You will simply be amused as to how the comic artist showed the country’s state right now. Light read on a brilliant work, pure amazement. Mapapatawa ka na lang and you’ll surely read more komiks. Kudos, Toto Madayag!


All smiles,

Donna, the daydreamer

*I am in no way related to Toto Madayag and this post has no permission from the author.


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