As cliche as this sounds, my question to the universe;

“Why would fate bring two people together at the right place at right time only to be drifted apart in the end?”

Then again, as cliche as this sounds, the simplest answer to it is;

“They were destined to meet but they’re not the right person for each other.”

Although you may not still get it, you just have to accept that that’s the way things are. It may not go your way but one thing’s for sure, you learn something. And I guess, figuring out that “something” requires moving on and continuing with life. It could be fate’s lesson to them that some stories better begin with an ending. Oh, the irony.

It was beautiful while it lasted. You made me experience things for the first time. It’s just that, we already ended it before it even started. The drift was painful and unforgettable. But you know what? I still do the same things well as if nothing happened. I no longer soak myself in sadness, it’s destructive. Yes, I was hurt and still hurting. But I can’t let it destroy the only thing I am capable of doing right now – living.

You, leaving, make me want to start living – for myself. I would still remember the times we were having fun and all but you are not anymore the reason of me being happy today. I can put a smile on my face without thinking of you. I can drink my morning coffee without daydreaming of the possibility of us. I can go home alone without being lonely.

And so, this is my wish for you: a lifetime of passion and happiness. We both deserve something that will make us want to live. We may not have been fated to be together, I’m pretty sure that our almost relationship will always have a special place in my heart. This drift saved us from an excruciating heartbreak. This drift saved us from an endless regret. This drift saved us from not meeting the one who’s meant for us.

All smiles,

Donna, the daydreamer


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