Pinto Art Museum


I like going places but I’ve never really had a chance to roam around the city since I always get disapproval whenever I ask permission from my mom (moreso that I am a graduating student now – a belief). But this time, I was able to have a getaway. It was pure happenstance. There’s this theory of John Krumboltz about ‘planned happenstance.’ My friends and I have deciphered its root words and came up with “happens by chance” or “happens in an instance.” That’s what really was the theme of this tour.

It was a Sunday, March 20, 2016, and I helped in a seminar for job aspirants conducted by TJAPM. It ended by 12pm and I still didn’t want to go home. Being a sneaky little girl, I wanted to go somewhere on that beautiful day. And so, I persuaded Rhic and Kuya Ran to visit Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. We’ve always wanted to see that place and we grabbed the chance to go right then and there.
But being the person that I am, I have no idea of its directions or where it is so we got help from Josh. That’s the start of us four, having a good time viewing beautiful pieces of artworks. I didn’t regret it, I am happy with their company! Below are some photos I took inside the gallery:

Life is simple bliss when you let beauty and art feed you soul once in a while. I hope I get to do this again.

All smiles,


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