I like dawns. I like the time between the night and day. I like how sunrise begins with a dark sky that soon brings a bright morning. It somehow makes me hope for a new perspective, that a daybreak carries a blank slate, and that yesterday’s mistakes and challenges don’t matter anymore. You have the power to make up for them and continue to move forward. The fulfillment of getting up and saving yourself takes courage and strength. Nothing else matters than rescuing yourself from drowning in an ocean. No one else can savage you but yourself.

Well, I like dawns. It makes me wake up from a sleepless night. All those cries and sobs is ended with a dark blue sky filled with a calming breeze. As if it says you do not need to suffer anymore. It helps me find serenity and tranquility amidst a great storm. The peace at 5:45am keeps you going.

Really, I like dawns. It is the start of tomorrow you hoped yesterday. It makes you say, “Today will be filled with wonderful things. Today is a good day to be alive.” And that life may not go as we planned it to be but it sure gives you chances and opportunities to enjoy it.

I hope every person realizes these things. We each have our own daybreaks and I wish it gives you enough spirit and resilience to live. And I also pray that you don’t have to go through difficult things to not anticipate for dawns and a bright morning.

All smiles,

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