Retrospect: 2015


A lot has happened in 2015 that really made an impact in my life. I wouldn’t say I’m a more successful person now but I can admit that I’ve become more of an ‘achiever’ today. “Achiever” in the sense that I became much determined and motivated with everything I do. Although I have a lot to learn, it makes me feel proud with what I have reached at my pace right now.

Looking back, I have figured that love kept me going. It sounds cheesy, but it made me realize that I want to be ‘good enough’ to people that loves me. My mom and sister, who have been very supportive of me, deserve more than what I was becoming. And so I started to be better – I improved myself on certain aspects that I was bad and excel more on things I was already good to begin with. I have read a book of Bo Sanchez titled, ‘How to Turn Thoughts into Things’, which discussed a little bit of how one should fill up and prosper their life’s ‘buckets’ (e.g. spiritual bucket, financial bucket, talent bucket, etc). It made me think of enhancing what I have and develop what I need. We all have buckets to fill up, and no matter how small and empty they are, we have the choice to flourish and thrive it for the people we love, and of course, for ourselves. And I also thought that maybe, people will become much more alive if they have inspiration.

And so, 2015 was my year to transform and change to become the new version of myself. Here are some highlights of my year:


  • During this time I was denying about having a crush on someone. I don’t think this should be a highlight of my year but maybe he influenced me to be better (I’ll make a separate post hihi).
  • I remember surprising my highschool bestfriend, Kate, on her birthday. I went to her home (luckily she was there lol) and gave her my 19 gifts.


  • My lovely cousin went to Canada and will be staying there for 2 years. I can see that now she is having fun, although sometimes, she feels homesick.


  • THE highlight of my year!!! It’s my birth month and I’ve got nothing to expect. I already know my college friends will be doing a surprise for me because we always do that to every friend. I was already expecting loads of greetings from different people. Of course, I am always grateful. But…
  • April 26: my birthday! It’s a Sunday, so no classes. I was expecting them to do the surprise on the 25th but there was nothing. And so, I just had a party in our house with my childhood friends, no less than having fun with them!
  • April 27: the surprise part I. I have no class but I woke up really early because Kate messaged me to open up my Facebook account. I already know that she’s greeting me and I wanted to look at it at that moment (since I receive no greeting from her on the 26th). I was still sleepy but I was notified of her tagging me in a video. I was already touched because the thumbnail is about me. I played the video and cried hard. There were 21 greetings from my highschool and college friends. I can’t believe she collaborated with my present friends to come up with such a sweet video greeting. I really loved it!!!
  • April 28: the surprise part II. It was actually my first time celebrating my day with school still going on. It was a normal day. The only extraordinary thing happening was when the other half of the barkada wasn’t with us during our merienda. Since we have evening classes, we opt to eat out during the break. I was asking them, “where are the others, etc.” THEY DIDN’T SEEM SNEAKY. I DIDN’T KNOW. We then went back to our room only to be surprised by my blockmates. Everybody started singing the birthday song while giving me the cake with lit candles. I was a bit tearing up but then my crush stood up and gave me a sunflower (I was known for being the sunflower of the class haha). I felt my cheeks became red as soon as he started joking and offered the flower by kneeling in front of me. CAN I DIE NOOWWW. HAHAHA. And just when I thought I already had good birthday gifts (surprises), the better ones come along with them (my friends πŸ™‚ ).


  • OJT. I really feel like my mentors did give me a lot of experiences to get me through my career. I hope I can do well in my work, as I did in my internship.
  • I became an active working committee member of JPMAP – the national federation of future human resource practitioners. I was part of the Research and Development Committee, responsible for documentation of activities and magazines of the organization.


  • I’m in my fourth year of college! As a student, I have been waiting for this moment of my life when I can breathe the graduation breeze right through my nose. I can’t wait to graduate soon but I will also have to make more memories with my college friends.
  • I became part of the Creatives committee of TJAPM, the organization of HR student in UST. So happy to hone my talent and share it to others!
  • I think this was the month my hs boy bestfriend informed us of him migrating to Alaska. It was a good thing we bonded before he left.


  • I spearheaded the SALIW Logo making & props making for the general assembly of TJAPM. I also became close with the trainees of the organization.
  • We had our final batch presentation with the best block ever, 4HR2 batch 2016. Guess who won? πŸ˜€
  • It was also this time around that I got closer to God. Thanks to Chel, who shared me her story and made me feel Christ in my life.


  • I wrote the “19th JPMAP General Assembly” article of The Torch, the official magazine of JPMAP.
  • I also attended the JPMAP National Convention in Subic and became part of the UST Debate Team, together with Lorraine and Arni. We won third runner up! πŸ™‚ It was our first time and yet we were given a recognition by JPMAP, TJAPM, and the UST Commerce Student Council. I am grateful to the Lord!


  • We had our graduation photoshoot last December 7. Wow, we are really getting close to the final march! We hope that in the next following months, we would be able to make our parents proud of us.
  • Our scheduled retreat was cancelled due to the typhoon. But I’m a bit glad because I haven’t written my retreat letters to everyone yet. I’ve got more time now hihi.
  • Our final Christmas party (as a block) happened last December 17. We had a pool party with boodle fight. We also had the exchanging gifts part. My crush already told me he got my name and kept on asking what I want. I just said anything turtle (because I like turtles). And it turned out, heΒ  bought me a real turtle, my first pet! I’ve never felt more special! And I think he likes me (?) Well, I hope he likes me too. Hahaha! We really had some time to talk about different things. I think I’m having a deeper crush on him. Hahaha! But kidding aside, he really did give me a wonderful gift.
  • Paskuhan! The best time of the year as a Thomasian is the Christmas season. During Paskuhan 2016, we ate free food from the Agape (feast) prepared by UST; we also watched the 3D projection mapping (we were the first school to ever do it in the Philippines); we sang our hearts out with performances from live bands; and the highlight, the annual pyromusical display (best in the country, I say).
  • Christmas season
  • Barkada bonding + card & board games

There were so much things that happened and yet I still think I only filled up some buckets. At first, I felt not so content with what I have achieved since I’ve done so many things. It was then that my sister told me that they were already enough since I poured so much effort to everything I did. I am proud with it and even more ready to continue doing it for this year.


  1. Be brave enough and try out things you have never done before. Life has a really good way to test someone’s determination.
  2. Set goals. Goals make you be motivated with everything you do.
  3. Lastly, as what I have already been saying, fill up each aspect of your life. You sure will look back and feel proud to your achievements. Remember to always be grateful!

I know this is such a long post with only few things to learn, but I hope to be able to this again. Thank You, Lord, for the opportunities. Bring it on, 2016!

All smiles,

Donna, the daydreamer

PS: Thank you for reading!



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