Grazie, 2015!

What a year it has been! Some of us had it good, some tragic, and some blessed. But above all, 2015 was a transformational year. I think it made us believe of our capabilities and talents. In my case, it was the year I started to change for the better. And btw, it was nice to tick off boxes in my new year’s resolution / bucketlist. 😊 The following were the things I was proudly able to do before the year ends:

  1. To avoid drinking softdrinks and colas
  2. To find a good company for my ojt
  3. To become an active member of JPMAP
  4. To become part of TJAPM Creatives Committee
  5. To be able to excel in my studies
  6. To create a blog

And here are the things that I did in which people were proud of me:

  1. Mother’s Day Card Lettering
  2. SALIW Logo
  3. JPMAP Magazine Article
  4. JPMAP Debate UST Representative

I know these are just small things for people but for me, for someone who can’t speak comfortably in front of people, I was able to express things I love and do it for somebody else. I’m glad I have helped them in every possible way I could have done.

And of course, a new year means a new chapter in life, new chances and a beginning full of bliss. And so I have created a list of things I should do during 2016. Here it is:

  1. Exercise
  2. Attend Lettering Workshops
  3. Make a weekly lettering post on Instagram
  4. Save up to P10000
  5. Read at least 5 books
  6. Visit Pinto Art Museum and Art in the Island

I think I have to add more. Please wish me luck! Hahaha. Well, this is a short update for the new year, but I am happy to post something for December. I really just squeezed some time off my schedule. Have a happy holidays! 😀 🎉

All smiles,


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