Saliw: Celebrating Decades of OPM

Untitled design (3)

Not long ago, I became part of the Creatives Committee of the Thomasian Junior Association for People Management (TJAPM). It is the guild of Human Resource Management students of the University of Sto. Tomas. I have been a member of the said organization since 2013, but this is the first time I became quite active. I was actually hesitant on applying for the creatives committee because; (1) I’m a bit embarrassed to show my crafts to the Creatives Director — Patsu , which is my good friend, (2) I thought I won’t get in, and (3) I really don’t have much skills to display. But nonetheless, the courageous and hopeful kiddo who wants to try it all out now that she is on her last year of college sent in her resume and was luckily accepted.

Last October 17, we held the TJAPM General Assembly with the theme, “Saliw: Celebrating Decades of OPM” at the UST Education Auditorium which was attended by HR students, professors, and performers. So what does it have to do with me? Well, the Creatives Committee is responsible for all the designs and props to be used that day. I was asked to create a logo for the promotional materials even before September. Being the type B person that I am, uhmmm I procrastinated a bit, I mean, big time. I almost forgot about it, not until Patsu reminded me of it just 2 weeks before the event. Haha! Silly me, I still thought “2 weeks is a long time”. One week passed and I still haven’t submitted one (because it was prelims week). But I was peer pressured when the officers started telling me that everything is dependent on that logo. Just then, after our exam in Taxation, I started painting this not-so-good draft I presented them. I was really ashamed to own it as I was not content with how it looked on the posters and pictures.

Fast forward, they started publicizing the logo with the GA details and stuff. I then spearheaded the props making for the Saliw logo. I was happy to be able to know the junior executives who helped me make huge stage props. They are really fun to be with and they also want me to be their ‘mommy’ (which is ridiculous bc we’re almost the same age, not even a gap of 1 year haha!). They have contributed so much that they have been going home past 8pm that week. They were so committed and determined to finish everything for the general assembly. I say, their hard work really paid off. I mean, look at these:

saliw1 saliw2saliw4 saliw5 saliw6

I was really glad to have worked with them. This may be the last time I’d experience something like this but I am really happy with everything. I felt like I shared something I am good at. Maybe this is what talent is about — showing your skills and using it for the benefit of others, and in exchange, you get to have heartwarming ‘thank-you’s’ and overflowing joy. I’m not saying I am a real good artist but, I am trying my best to be better at it so that I can give more. And yes, this goes under my Artfolio. 🙂

All smiles,

Donna, the daydreamer

*All photos are grabbed from Ust Tjapm facebook page


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