The Daydreamer

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She is the most common girl in her class, the most ordinary-looking one, I may say. An introverted young lady who would always sit at the back corner of the room staring at the window, indulging herself to delightful trances, hoping one day she may be able to experience those things. They all thought she was just being absent-minded. And yet she found herself happy — but not much contented as those are just passing reveries. Little did she know, she has began to search for reality of those daydreams. Midway, she has also found her true self. And more so, she is no longer just the average one.

At some point in our lives, we have thoughts and glimpses of what we really want to happen with ourselves. Whether they are coming true or not, these fantasies bring us to what we desire, what we want for our destiny. And here I am, will be tale telling all those dreamy imaginations, wishing on my lucky star that they will actually happen. This blog, Donna Daydreams, serves as my diary full of adventures and mischief, stories and fictions, arts and travels, and everything I have and will be doing in my life to make every castle in the air be built in our real world.

I have always wanted to manage my own blog. I have started from Tumblr, then to Blogspot, and now to WordPress. Maintenance is key in having a website and I found it hard to do so to my previous blogs. But now, I am very much determined to continue having this, because this will be the narrative version of my life. We know that not all may be able to write their own book about their story, and so this blog will serve as the journal of my significant accounts in life. And that maybe one day, I will be able to tell these things to people I love dearly.

I hope that the people who may be able to read this will strive to realize their dreams. After all, dreams are not meant to be just in our hearts, but also in our lives. I, too, am in quest for the existence of my own blissful trances, and with hurry, I go to seek my great perhaps!

All smiles,

Donna, the daydreamer

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