To the Bestfriend Who Will Never Be My Lover

We were an -almost-

You are leaving for Alaska next week and will be staying there for good. Bidding goodbye, we slightly hugged for the first and probably the last time. That night, all the fun faded, bright lights went out, and the probability of having ‘you and I’ gone — forever.

We were seatmates during our four years of highschool (as if we had a choice) and we withstood each other’s craziness. Or rather, I withstood your crazy little deeds like poking me, teasing me, and making a fool out of yourself just to annoy me. Did you really think I was annoyed? To me, it was more like your way of making me laugh. Read More…


The Daydreamer

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She is the most common girl in her class, the most ordinary-looking one, I may say. An introverted young lady who would always sit at the back corner of the room staring at the window, indulging herself to delightful trances, hoping one day she may be able to experience those things. They all thought she was just being absent-minded. And yet she found herself happy — but not much contented as those are just passing reveries. Little did she know, she has began to search for reality of those daydreams. Read More…